Quick tips for your new Binky Barker Bed

How to Unwrap Your New Binky Barker Bed

1. Carefully cut the plastic wrap to avoid damaging the waterproof inner liner and the bed.

2. The bed will fully expand after 24-48 hours.

3. Put on the Waterproof Liner and Outer Water Resistant Cover after the bed fully expands.

How to Clean Your Bed?

Both covers (Waterproof Liner & Outer Water Resistant Cover) are machine washable.

To clean, wash and leave them out to dry naturally. Do not put in the dryer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If the bed fully expands before 24 hours, can we use it now?

- Yes, enjoy!

2. What should you do if some parts of the bed do not fully expand after 48 hours?

- Blow dry the memory foam with a hair dryer (on highest setting) to make it expand. You can also use your dog's dryer.

3. Do you sell just the bed cover in different colours?

Yes, please see our bed covers at this page.

4. I need extra help, how do I ask?

Add us on Line @binkybarker or email us at hello@binkybarker.com

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