Binky Barker Bed Covers - Replaceable and Washable

🐶 REPLACEABLE OUTER COVERS FOR THE BINKY BARKER DOG BED - These super-soft, velboa fabirc covers fit onto our Binky Barker dog bed (you can get the bed by clicking here)

EASILY MACHINE WASHABLE - Our covers are easily machine washed, so they stay clean. Make sure to let them dry naturally, and not tumble dry them.

🥰 MADE WITH SUPER SOFT AND DURABLE VELBOA FABRIC - Each cover is luxuriously soft and made with the highest quality velboa fabric. It has a soft and plush texture, and is tough-wearing and highly durable.

Replaceable and Machine-Washable

These soft, velboa fabric covers zip and cover the Binky Barker Dog Bed.

They are easy to care for, and can be machine washed and left to dry naturally.

velboa fabric cover

Made with Soft, Velboa Fabric

Binky Barker covers are made with luxuriously soft velboa fabric. Velboa fabric is also very tough and durable, perfect for big dogs!

velboa fabric cover

Frequently Asked Question

To wash your cover, put it in the machine wash under the delicate setting. To dry the cover, leave it out to air dry.

Our cover is made of velboa fabric. This has a luxuriously soft, fur-like texture. It is also very strong and durable against scratching or biting.