We Created Binky Barker After Brixton Dislocated His Hip

This is a picture of Orm and Brixton in 2021.

Brixton had dislocated his hip after jumping out of the bath :(

Finding the right bed for a dog with a dislocated hip is difficult.

With any dog with joint problems, you want to remove pain and discomfort.

To do that, vets say you need a bed with proper joint support.

The problem is that most dog beds have 0 support.

They are flat, fluffy, and designed to be "cute" but not healthy.

Imagine you sleep on a really soft bed, your back hurts afterwards. The same goes for dogs. When they sleep on a really soft bed, it hurts their joints.

During Brixton's recovery, we noticed that he would wake up frequently, change positions, and wasn’t comfortable at all on his soft bed. He couldn’t find peace.

That's why we decided to create the Binky Barker Dog Bed, the healthy bed that supports joints.

The Binky Barker Bed supports joints with triple layers of protective foam and CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam.

By spreading your dog's weight across the bed, it reduces the pressure on their joints.

This is the healthy option for long term joint protection :)

Myself, Orm and Brixton would love to share our bed design with you. We loved it so much that we launched this business for it.

Please shop our Binky Barker dog bed here and protect your dog's joints.