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The range of healthy and safe dog products. For all dog parents, Orm and Brixton have created a line of products just for you.

“Binky Barker is for dog parents who want to give their dog the healthiest and happiest life possible.”

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“We need to remove his eye” The words from the doctor left us in tears and we have never forgotten that day.

Brixton was born a happy shih tzu. He loved to run, jump up and down and laid down for his belly rub. We then saw the gradual changes in his behavior over the years. He could not jump or walk up the stairs anymore. His allergic reaction had got worse which triggered the scratch until he bled. And then it came the day that it took his eye.

We made a promise to make his life the best we can from now on. And this is why we started with the orthopedic dog bed. We tested the model with Brixton himself and it was proven that 1. he does not scratch his face on the bed like other beds in the market (=no allergic reaction) 2. he does not sink in the bed. The 3-layers memory foam supports his movement throughout the night and 3. obviously, he now sleeps hours longer (and wakes up late!).

Brixton and us would like to share this with all of you. Our dogs are our world. Let’s make every day count with our loved ones.

Binky Barker is dedicated to helping all dogs, big and small, enjoy a better night’s sleep. We offer a luxuriously comfortable dog bed which supports healthy joints with 3 layers of USA-certified memory foam. Our beds are available in 4 different colours, and are easily machine washed.

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orm and brixton from binky barker