Binky Barker Dog Bed

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Christmas Blue
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The Healthy Dog Bed that Protects Joints

Up to 80% of dogs face joint problems in their lifetimes.

The Binky Barker bed protects joints from puppy to senior dog.

Joint Problems is one of the BIGGEST Problems for Dogs

Did you know that up to 80% of dogs face joint problems by the time they turn 8?

🐶 Big dogs: Their heavy weight puts extra pressure on their hip, knees and joints.

🐶 Senior dogs: They have weaker joints after many years of wear and tear.

🐶 Small dogs: They have smaller, more delicate joints that need protection.

🐶 Dogs with joint conditions: They have arthritis, hip dysplasia etc.

When dogs have joint problems, they don’t run or jump as much as they used to. They lose mobility and live with pain.

The Binky Barker Bed Protects Joints from Puppy to Senior Dog

The Binky Barker Bed is made to protect dog joint health.

It is thick, like a human bed for real hip, knees and joints support.

It uses memory foam to spread your dog's weight across the bed. This reduces the pressure on their joints.

Does Your Dog Need a Binky Barker Bed?

Helps Big Dogs Sleep Comfortably By Spreading Their Weight. Big dogs' heavy weight puts extra pressure on their joints. Binky Barker memory foam spreads their weight, removing pressure from their joints.

Helps Senior Dogs with Joint Discomfort. Aging dogs have weaker joints after many years of wear and tear, which is painful. Binky Barker beds memory foam cushions their joints & removes discomfort.

Helps Young Dogs Prevent Future Joint Problems. 80% of dogs develop joint problems. It’s really important to prevent this early on. Investing in a good supportive bed can help prevent future problems.

Helps Post Surgery Recovery. After surgery, joints are extra sore and need careful support. Binky Barker memory foam beds help recovery by spreading weight and removing pressure from joints.

Helps Protect Small Dogs with Fragile Joints. Smaller dogs have smaller joints that are delicate. Binky Barker beds cushion these small joints with proper memory foam support.

"At first I thought it was expensive but it is the best dog bed I have owned in 17 years."

Why Binky Barker is the BEST Bed to Protect Joints?

“It is More Like a Human-Grade Mattress Than a Dog Bed”

You will notice that our bed is sturdier, thicker, and holds its shape more than a cheaper dog bed.

This is because we use triple layers of protective foam and premium CertiPUR-US Memory Foam.

Binky Barker offers greater joint support than any bed on the market.

It is more like a human-grade mattress than a cheap dog bed.

Binky Barker is a REAL bed for dogs.

Step 1 - Choose Your Size

Step 2 - Choose Your Bed Cover Colour

Each bed comes with 1 cover.

Many of our customers buy many different covers.

If you want more than 1 cover, you can buy additional covers here.

Common Questions

Our bed is designed to be 100% safe from liquid, spills or accidents.

The outside soft cover is water resistant. It will stop most liquid, but some may get through if left for a long time.

The inside liner cover is waterproof. It will stop nearly all liquid going through to the inside memory foam.

Easy Machine Wash!

To clean the covers: Take them off, machine wash it in cold temperature, and hang to dry naturally.

Many of our customers buy more than 1 cover. Get more covers here.

Some dogs like to sleep on the hard floor, but dog owners should know that this puts long-term joint health at risk.

Many of our customers have had success after watching our video on how to train your dog to sleep on a new bed.

Some customers have also thought that the bed was more expensive that most beds.

However when they got it, say it is one of the best made beds they have seen.

The cutting, fabrics, and medical-grade memory foam is worth the price. In the end, it is an investment in your dog’s health.

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